Frequently Asked Questions



How many times per week does my child attend?

Our programming is based on the science of consistent training over a period of 12 weeks and beyond. The optimal scenario is at least 2x per week on average.

How much does the program cost?

Our 12 week/24 session program is $440 for kids 7-10 and $560 for kids 11-18. Payment plans are available for all programs.

How do we fit it in our schedule?

We get it. Schedules are hectic – for this reason our schedule runs Monday to Saturday (see our schedule here) so it’s easy to navigate around even the busiest sports schedule.

What happens after 12 weeks?

12 weeks is a fantastic start but by no means is it the end of their training. You will have the unique opportunity to continue training with us and you’ll have several options to do so. Together we will find the best option for your child. Our most successful athletes have been with us until they graduate High School.

What ages can do this program?

The 12 week program has a curriculum specifically designed for children in the following age brackets:

Boys and Girls 7-10

Boys and Girls 11-13

Boys and Girls 14+

How many sessions do we get?

Our 12 week program comes with 24 sessions to be used on average 2x per week

What if our schedule changes?

Our schedule is super flexible, with multi day options

What if my child gets busy?

Busy is not an excuse to stop taking care of themselves and training toward excellence. Most of our athletes also train during their competitive season to maintain their edge and stay healthy.

What if we have an important game or tournament?

Make sure you communicate with us about all games and tournaments so we can adjust the workouts if necessary. Our programs have been designed so that weekend sports performance is optimal.

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes, the sibling discount is 10% for each additional family member that becomes a client. The sibling discount cannot be combined with another offer, coupon or discount.