“Definitely the best gym to train at! I had been working hard at the same goals for the past 5 years, since moving my training to Nexus I am seeing constant progress and am stronger than I have ever been!”

- Anna

“As in all professions, those in the fitness industry reflect the full spectrum of expertise and effectiveness. At the far end of the curve, however, is a small, extraordinary and rare group of fitness professionals who exceed all standards - the Nexus team is one. A closely-integrated, tightly-knit team, they bring a breadth of knowledge and years of experience rarely found in a single gym. As important, they skillfully translate that collective expertise into simple, practical ways of improving movement, strength, performance, and agility.

Having spent decades in a sedentary profession paying little attention to my body, it became clear that I needed the expertise and discipline of a personal trainer. Then I discovered Scott Stafford. Scott has skillfully trained me for 8+ years, despite a challenging work schedule and several orthopedic surgeries. His deep understanding of functional movement avoided injuries, his keen awareness of where each client is, each and every day, motivated. Simultaneously, I’ve worked with and drawn upon Dan Van House’s remarkable ability to look at the whole body post-surgery - guiding a faster and healthier recovery by applying common-sense physical therapy concepts. Indeed, because of the breadth of skills across the entire NEXUS team, each one of them has contributed in some meaningful way to my progress - and the joy of discovering healthy movement!“

- Maureen



“Awesome facility and great staff! They offer rugby-specific strength and conditioning, along with speed & mobility work. Definitely would recommend this gym to anyone who is looking to grow with personal goals, or sport/athletic related goals. Everyone is very positive and supportive here and its a great environment to train in.”

- Bailey

“Nexus Performance is an elite training facility where function, performance, and creativity meet an outside the box, client centered, evidence based approach to shattering your goals. Nexus Performance has assembled some of the brightest and most dedicated fitness professionals in the metro area. As a Performance Physical Therapist, my reputation is enhanced by the work that is done at Nexus, and I highly recommend them to my patients.”

- Andy



“The staff at Nexus is exceptional. Two years ago they trained me to do a rim to rim hike in the Grand Canyon and this summer they have been preparing me for a hike on the Superior Trail. I’m 63 years old and have been training with Scott for several years. He tailors my workouts to fit my goals - no cookie-cutter training here! This is a highly capable and skilled group. I highly recommend this gym.”

- Marsha

“I chose Nexus as my go-to workout facility as I prepared for my wedding. The one-on-one personal training was exceptional. Scott taught me how to properly lift weights, how to care for my body, and how to use a combination of lifting and cardio in my workouts. I was strong, toned, and in the best shape of my life for my wedding. The personalized instruction is beyond any other gym I have ever attended. I highly recommend this gym!”

- Rachel