Our Youth Sports Performance program focuses on instilling healthy fitness habits in your child all while having fun.

Aside from practice and developing athletic ability, we believe confidence plays a crucial role in athletic performance. We focus not only on building your child up physically, but mentally as well.


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If you want to get your 6-9 year old off to a great start to their fitness, our X Mites program will help to establish a foundation of skills that will benefit your child for life. Young athletes in this age group need ample opportunities to move efficiently and have fun, and we’re here to provide that. Your child is constantly growing and changing, both physically and mentally - it’s important to start young and instill proper fitness training techniques, muscle memory, movement patterns and habits at a young age. In our program, your child will not only learn to jump higher and run faster, they’ll establish an unwavering foundation of confidence in their athletic ability.

The X Junior program is for your middle school aged athlete, around 10-13 years of age or 6th-8th grade. This program works to ensure that our athletes, during this vitally important stage, are adequately prepared in their physical development (i.e. coordination, skill, foundational muscle strength, muscular endurance and agility) so that they will be better able to adapt to increased training intensity and progress in training complexity.

X Mega is for your high school aged athlete, around 14-18 years of age or 9th-12th grade. High school means that your child has a lot going on; from socializing to homework and thinking about college - it can be a little bit overwhelming. Our High School program is an easy way for your child or team to continue to work on skill development and athletic performance during the off-season. It’s also a great way to keep them focused when their sport is not in session. Whether it's making the varsity team, impressing college scouts or simply staying in shape our X-Mega program is designed to help them achieve their goals.



Proud partners with the International Youth Conditioning Association and Athletes Acceleration.

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